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We are excited to launch Genie Audit Intelligence, our automated audit and compliance solution for Workday customers.

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Workday is the best ERP Cloud-based solution in the market! As with any cloud-based solution, it could present compliance and audit risks to organizations. We recognize that no two organizations are alike, and risks will differ, but the Genie Audit tool will help to ensure audit compliance and accuracy using Genie's dozens of pre-configured controls.

Helps resolve key compliance issues such as;


Our dedicated Genie audit team is comprised of Certified Workday professionals whose primary focus is on your organization’s security, risk, and controls. Our audit solution tool incorporates security and controls that will optimize your Workday experience and reduce risks and provide confidence in the integrity of those controls.

Our robust Genie audit intelligence tool will minimize risks and provide the confidence that your organization meets compliance standards across all Workday ERP solutions.

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