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RIC Genie's commitment to our clients not only met but exceeded their expectations. With Genie, we performed 3,000+ test cases and 68K+ validations. 

 Genie automation has saved us countless hours of creating and validating manual test scenarios for all modules and freed up our limited resources to work on other essential projects. Our successful deployment testing with Genie has been a total game changer and has given us complete confidence that our tests are accurate. 

Charonda McGill

Assistant Vice President Total Rewards

Lendmark Financial 


Lendmark Financial Services is a consumer finance company specializing in providing a variety of personal loans, automobile loans, and retail merchant sales finance services

  • Founded in 1996

  • Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA

  • 300+ locations in 19 states coast to coast


Lendmark replaced its legacy system with Workday Human Capital Management to improve its HR and Payroll systems. In an effort to modernize even further, management embarked on reviewing automation testing solutions that could effectively and efficiently save time and resources.

As part of its deployment prerequisite, Lendmark wanted a thorough and documented testing process to test all its business processes, security, integrations, and reports. Lendmark also had several approval workflow routings with condition rule controls to various security groups.


Testing all the controls, routings to appropriate security groups and roles would require meticulous testing with 100s of test case scenarios. These test scenarios needed to be tested across various tenants until go-live and validate during release testing


RapidIT-CloudBera’s Genie™ was selected by Lendmark to automate their Workday Testing. RapidIT-CloudBera assigned a Dedicated Customer Service Manager that could review all their business processes, integrations, security and reporting requirements to effortlessly and accurately deploy our automation solution,Genie. With 1000’s of pre-configured scenarios and no code, the solution was an ideal fit for Lendmark.


The ability to re-use scenarios across tenants with a simple click and integration with incident management tools helped their team to review test results and resolve any issues faster. The Genie team was able to provide Lendmark with an easy-to-use and intuitive solution that provided immediate results.


RIC has exceeded the expectation of Lendmark. This relationship continues to flourish as a result of their continued confidence in not only Genie but dedicated Genie team.

  1. INCREASE in scenarios tested by 140%  

  2. ACCURACY  auditable test results by 100%  

  3. REDUCTION in manual testing efforts by 80%  

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