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Genie Tenant Compare

Sasha K

Feb 3, 2023

Migration to any tenant in Workday was a painstakingly manual process taking an enormous amount of non-value-added time.

Well, Workday took the concern into consideration and introduced the Object Transporter (OX). But to give you complete peace of mind on your migration Genie invented the ‘Tenant Compare’ tool.


Genie’s Tenant Compare functionality lets you compare configuration between any TWO tenants. It lets you compare:

  1. Business Processes – the slightest difference in BP steps or Notifications or Configure Document is highlighted by Genie.

  2. Security Groups – you can never be too careful with Security. Any difference in the security for domains or BP actions is provided by this tool.

  3. Documents – Text blocks in any WD document can be compared and any discrepancy is highlighted.

  4. POV – Tenant compare wouldn’t be complete without taking care of the foundational fields.


Imagine doing all of the above manually – comparing screen after screen, menu after menu. But Genie provides all these benefits with just a click of a button.

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