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New enhancements to our Genie Testing Automation tool.

Sasha K

Jan 16, 2023

Genie has added Document Compare.

Genie now provides the ability to compare every text block on a document to ensure that it has been configured correctly. For example, let’s say we have added a new bonus plan to our US Offers. This bonus plan is a percentage of their basic compensation. We have thoroughly tested it in Sandbox. Now we are going to move it to production. With Document Compare in the Genie Testing Automation tool, you can test the derived values in all text blocks to validate that it is calculating and displaying correctly and that you have moved it from Sandbox to Production. Your lift and shift have never been easier!

Genie can not only take care of the text blocks but also compare the documents, integrations, and reports configured on business processes from one tenant to another. So if you have made changes to a document or integration in one tenant and tested them (which is what you are supposed to do!) you can now quickly compare them after moving those changes to Production and validate the configuration changes.

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