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Sasha K

Feb 27, 2023

Genie has added a new feature to the Genie Automation tool. It is one we think you will be most interested in. It is called workgroups!

Workgroups are a configurable grouping of workers who are then assigned specific access to the Genie Automation tool in order to test scenarios in the functional areas that they support such as Advanced Compensation or Payroll or Benefits. 

This replaces the universal access that was used in Genie previously and allows the customer to have a secured and role-specific view in the Genie Automation Tool. Users will now see only the templates, and test scenarios that they need to see and will not be exposed to data that they should not be able to view. They will not have to work their way through dozens of templates that do not apply to the areas that they are responsible for. PII and other confidential data can now be segregated by functional area and only exposed to testing that there is a demonstrated need for.

As an example, let’s say John Doe oversees Benefits and ensures that Benefit configurations are created and tested successfully. John can create a workgroup and his team could be assigned in Genie to that Benefits workgroup and then that workgroup would be assigned the Benefits Domain. Members of that workgroup would only be able to see and test business processes and data within the Benefits domain.

Workers can belong to multiple groups for smaller organizations or when a worker manages both Time and Absence and Payroll for example. An admin can create these workgroups and assignments based on the needs of the organization.


Workgroups will make testing more efficient, more secure, and easier to use. Please reach out to us, at for a demonstration of the new workgroup feature in the Genie Automation tool!

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