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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Workday Automation Testing Solution

Updated: May 19, 2021

Testing Workday manually not only takes a tremendous amount of time and pulls team members away from other work, it can also be inaccurate, missing key data security issues and integration problems with downstream applications. An automation testing solution, on the other hand, streamlines the testing process, frees up team members to work on other projects, ensures data security and compliance, and makes sure all downstream applications work as expected.

To help you choose the right Workday automation testing partner, you should ask potential partners five important questions:

  1. How many test scenarios are pre-packaged in the framework? Some Workday automation testing frameworks only include a limited number of basic test scenarios. That leaves significant gaps in your testing, reducing the accuracy of your results. It can also mean that you still need to perform manual testing, negating much of the saved time and effort an automated solution is supposed to deliver. Look for a framework that includes the thousands of test scenarios that Workday recommends you test for.

  2. Is the solution easy to use and can it be used by non-technical staff? Some automation testing solutions require coding. That limits who on your team can add new test cases and scenarios and run the testing to staff with technical skills. A better option is a solution that requires no coding and includes one-click scheduling and execution. With these features, any staff member can run the testing, freeing technical specialists to focus on more complex issues.

  3. Does the solution include built-in AI to track application changes? The benefit of built-in AI is that it can track any changes to applications in real time and run any needed test scenarios. Without it, these changes could be missed, leading to errors and integration failures.

  4. How does the solution handle security and audit compliance? Protecting the security of your data and meeting compliance standards are key components of any Workday deployment or update. These validations need to be performed at least quarterly and often more frequently. A strong automation testing solution should test thousands of security validations and should provide the ability to be performed in a two-dimensional format and run at either a user level or domain/object level.

  5. How much experience does the company you’re considering partnering with have with robotic process testing solutions? The ideal partner should have more than a decade of experience in this field and should have an established relationship with Workday. In addition, ask potential partners how they keep their staff up to date on new developments in automation testing and what type of ongoing technical skill development they require for staff.

RapidIT-CloudBera’s Genie, the leading automation solution on the market, supports Workday customers by eliminating manual testing and freeing valuable resources. Connect with our Workday professionals to learn more and leverage our expertise for all of your Workday testing needs or try Genie for yourself with a free trial.

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