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A Tale of 2 Customers by Genie.

Updated: Apr 12

Customer X is a 12000-person global health organization. They have 10 people in the HRIS organization dedicated to supporting Workday and compliance. They are using Workday Payroll, Talent Acquisition, Talent and Performance, Benefits, Prism, and other Workday products. They don’t have Genie or any testing automation assistance.

Customer Y is a similarly sized organization, they use the same general product suite, but they also have access to Genie’s Testing Automation tool. They have been Genie customers for a few months, but this is the first Workday release that has occurred since they went live on Genie.

Customer X spends several days assigning all the new no-set-up required items to the appropriate testers. They use the adoption framework in Workday to assign, test, and report results. They create a meeting for all the testers once a week for six weeks. They assign testing deadlines and even though they are only testing the no-set-up required items they still need several weeks to complete the training.

They are going to test the minimum necessary in order to complete the basics. They have no time to test ALL the scenarios or ALL the reports that might be impacted by a class report field change or a condition rule change. They know they cannot test and use anything with the set-up required, at least not in this narrow time frame. They have their regular jobs to and all this regression testing ‘on the side’. They have never looked forward to Workday releases because for them it is just more work piled up on the work they already must do!

Customer Y on the other hand was looking forward to this Workday release. They had done all their testing manually just like Customer X before this but now was their first Workday release using Genie’s Testing Automation Tool.

Customer Y knew that Genie would test ALL their business processes and all their reports and all of their domains and all of their integrations and all of their security validations…everything that they needed to test for in the Workday release was going to be tested by Genie for them. They could take all the time saved and look at some set-up-required enhancements that they might want to use. They could take the time previously spent in manual testing and instead configure and ‘play’ with the new enhancements in the release. They could use the time to improve the Workday experience for the whole organization and not just test to make sure nothing was broken due to the ‘no setup required’ items.

What exactly was Genie doing in this release window anyways? Well, if we look at Genie by the numbers here is what we see for the 94 Genie customers

Genie Workday Automation Scenarios Tested
Number of Scenarios Tested for 94 Genie customers.

That is A LOT of work that you don’t have to do yourself if you are customer of Genie! A great many hours that previously were spent on manual testing can now be spent on more interesting and more rewarding pursuits for you and your organization. Genie will do the regression testing FOR YOU. Genie can use anonymous data or your own data in the testing. You can test certain critical business processes or reports yourself OR use the time to configure some set-up required enhancements or changes that your organization might benefit from.

Customer X dreads the next Workday release. Customer Y is looking forward to another one with Genie’s Testing Automation Tool. Contact us for a demonstration and you too can be just like Customer Y and not like Customer X.

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration go to

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