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Data Scrambling in Genie

Learn about how Genies Data Scrambler solution can help protect PII information across all QA/Test tenants

Use Case

  • Implementation, Project, Enhancements testing.

  • Setting up training for intern and external resources.

  • Integration testing with 3rd party vendors.

Genie delivers a set of SPI/PII fields that can be scrambled. Additional fields can be scrambled per client’s request. Scrambling feature is integrated within Genie, so clients can scramble the data and then perform test automation. User has ability to select one or more Supervisory Organization’s to scramble the data as required. Genie has ability to connect to Implementation, Sandbox/Sandbox preview tenants and scramble the data within the tenant without data ever leaving your Workday tenant.

How it works: is a simple and easy process

  • Based on the Organization’s data model Customers can select from the delivered SPI/PII fields.

  • Using APIs Genie will apply the proprietary data scrambling routines to encrypt the data.

  • Additional data fields can be scrambled if needed based on customer request.

NOTE: Data is NEVER extracted out of the tenant and is only stored in the server’s virtual memory

Technical Specifications

Genie uses Workday Web Services API’s to connect to Human Resources, Compensation and Staffing functional areas. As we use On the Fly method there is NO need to extract the data from Workday into files, database or any other storage forms.

APIs referenced during this process:

  • Get_Workers

  • Change_Government_IDs

  • Change_Passports_and_Visas

  • Change_Licenses

  • Change_Home_Contact_Information

  • Change_Personal_Information

  • Maintain_Contact_Information

  • Change_Government_IDs

  • Request_Compensation_Change

  • Edit_Service_Dates

  • Delete_Worker_Document

  • Change_Legal_Name

  • Change_Home_Contact_Information

  • Change_Work_Contact_Information

Above mentioned worker data is scrambled within the selected supervisory organizations or across all organizations within the tenant. Genie scrambles the identifiable data across workers based on Fisher-Yates Shuffle Algorithm

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