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Genie and Workday Recruiting

Updated: Jun 7

I was recently reminded by an associate of mine who was helping a customer implement Workday Recruiting, that the product (Recruiting) is so painful to test that he was surprised anyone ever implemented it with anything close to 100% success. It literally took half an hour just to test one facet since you had to Create a Job Requisition, proxy in to do all of the approvals, assign a Primary Recruiter, post the job requisition, apply to the posted job requisition, create a candidate home, move the candidate through the right stages, proxy in as all the folks involved in the job application and offer process, generate an offer, troubleshoot the offer, sign in as the candidate (did you remember your email address and password-better use the same email address you applied with!), approve the offer, now send the candidate to ready for hire, then proxy in as HR or whoever does the Hire step, proxy in as all the approvers, proxy in as the Manager and launch Onboarding set-up, proxy in as the candidate and complete all the onboarding tasks.

RIC Genie - Workday Automation - Recruiting
Genie and Workday Recruiting

Wow. Just writing down the narrative makes me tired. And all of this to test a single end to end scenario. Now you don’t always have to complete the hire if you are testing offer changes or condition rule changes in the Job Application process but even when restricting it solely to the Recruiting side of the house it is a monumental task to test EVERY SINGLE SCENARIO. Yet if you do not do that then you really haven’t done proper testing.

Just because you think the change should only impact Interns offers doesn’t mean you haven’t inadvertently impacted External Offers or Internal Offers. You must test not only the scenario you think you’ve made the change for but other scenarios that may have been impacted by the change.

In other words, and I think you know where I am leading this conversation to…. you need a little help. You need Genie. You need to take a long hard look at acquiring the Genie Testing Automation Solution. There is no better testing solution available at Genie’s incredible value proposition. Not only can the fine folks at Genie provide you with hundreds of pre-defined testing scenarios but they can work with you to create your own unique scenarios and they can even conduct the testing FOR YOU.

Did you know that the Workday experts at RIC conducted thousands of tests for multiple customers during the last release cycle. They tested all of changes that ordinarily would have cost Workday customers hundreds of man/woman hours to test manually and document using excel spreadsheet. They freed up a TON Of time that those customers could use for something more rewarding to themselves and their organization than regression testing. In my mind that is just about ANYTHING else.

Please stop by and schedule a demonstration of Genie’s Automation Testing Solution. You will not be disappointed, and we’d love to welcome you to the family. There are other Genie products as well that cover needs like audit and data validation but why don’t you take that first step and let us show you how Genie can help you realize an even larger return from your investment in Workday.

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