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Genie Configuration Validation

Updated: Feb 23

Did you know that if you have purchased Genie’s Testing solution you already have access to a Configuration Validation solution as well! Here is how you can validate data, configurations, processes, or all three. Using Genie’s Testing Automation Solution, you can determine what results would be correct and Genie will flag results that are incorrect for you!

Genie Configuration Validation - Workday Automation
Genie Configuration Validation

So we can find examples of every country that we hire and fire employees in and tell Genie how many approvals are needed and who needs to be doing the approvals for the specific country. We can use the security group called for in Workday for the approval or we can just input the name of the person who the approval should go to.

Let’s say that we need Otto Bruckner of the Works Council to approve all terminations in Germany. In the US we want all terminations that are involuntary to be approved by the HR Partner. In Greece and Italy there is only a need for an approval if a certain reason is used. You get the idea. There are initially a number of different scenarios you will need to create. You will input the correct test results the process should return, and Genie will flag any results that do not pass muster.

Continuing with our example, our German employee is terminated, and the Works Council approves the termination…success! We know that is working as we designed it. As we continue the testing, we notice that our American termination goes for approval NO MATTER what reason we use. This is a FAIL. We are going to need to look at the conditions. Maybe someone changed something, maybe we just neglected to maintain step conditions after creating the condition. People make mistakes. Genie does not however so Genie can help you find and recover from errors in configuration or data.

Once you have these log results and test scenarios as you want them, they can be used over and over again. Why would you do that? Well, the business process is not going to be static. It is going to change. Conditions may change. Steps may be added or removed. Security groups could be changed or added. With minimal upkeep your existing Genie Testing Automation tool can be used as a Configuration Validation Solution.

How about another example? What about using the Configuration Validation solution to ensure that various time entry approval rules are working as designed. What if you have employees in the UK, France, and the United States. You want time entries automatically approved UNLESS they are over 40 hours in the US, 37.5 hours in the UK, or 35 hours in France. If the hours exceed those limits, there must be an approval. So you have configured the business process and condition rules and now you can use the Configuration Validation solution and you can run hours under the limits for a group of employees and then over the limits for another group of employees and Genie will let you know that your configuration is working and over the limit hours are being sent for approval. A simple PASS or FAIL may be just what you need to validate the critical workflow you are creating in your Workday tenant.

This functionality is key during the configure and test stages of your Workday implementation, but once you have built these scenarios and loaded them with the data, conditions, or approvals you want validated than you will be able to use them any time you make changes to the business processes that could impact how they function.

Think about how scheduling testing on a regular basis can catch any changes to steps or condition rules that cause the business process to fail. Imagine catching the fact that a critical approval was now being bypassed or that approvals were necessary for all kind of terminations and not just involuntary. Wouldn’t it be great if YOU were the one who discovered and fixed the error instead of reacting to a ticket and an unhappy customer when a business process caused issues with a hire or a termination or creating a position…etc.

Here is one more example. What if you had employee costs for benefits and you know what the cost should be based on the benefit selected and the coverage (Family or Single). Wouldn’t it be great to test that process well before Open Enrollment to ensure that workers could select the benefits and the cost that was calculated then would be the correct cost and this would be passed onto payroll. Genie’s Configuration Validation Solution can give you that peace of mind.

Just imagine the security and confidence you would have in your configured processes if they were being validated on a regularly scheduled basis without you having to do much more than flip a metaphorical switch? With the Configuration Validation solution, you can validate business processes, condition rules, eligibility rules, compensation plans, benefit plans, payroll entries, time entries, and much more!

Please reach out to us, Genie at , if you would like to see this exciting new functionality in action!

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