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Genie Goes to Workday Rising Orlando

Updated: Apr 12

Just in case you haven’t been formally introduced to Genie…Genie is RIC Genie, a company based in Georgia (the state not the country) that created and supports the Genie Audit Intelligence Tool AND the Genie Testing Automation Tool. Both of these cloud-based solutions have been designed to work with Workday and third-party systems to and from Workday. As you might have guessed from the names, one is an audit solution and the other is used for testing in the Workday tenant. With delivered test scenarios suggested by Genie BOTS, these automation tools can significantly reduce the time you spend (some might say waste) in repetitive testing and audit compliance! Well enough about Genie, let’s talk about Genie at Workday Rising!

On September 12th, 2022 Genie arrived at Workday Rising in Orlando, Florida. Around 9000 people attended this annual event with even more attending virtually. The crowd was composed of Workday Customers, prospective Workday customers, Workday Partners, Workday Employees, Contingents, and Workday Rising Sponsors like Genie! Genie was a Silver Sponsor for this event which was the first time Genie had attended Workday Rising.

Genie Booth_Workday rising Orlando 2022_Workday Automation Tool
Team Genie at Workday Rising Orlando 2022

Workday Rising By the Numbers

600 is the number of attendees who stopped by to chat, register for one of the fantastic Genie giveaways, and just generally welcome Genie to the conference. Anil Bhusri even stopped by to gab a bit. It is always a pleasure to welcome Workday’s Co-CEO!

Anil Bhusri Workday CEO at Genie Booth at Workday Rising Orlando
Genie Team with Anil Bhusri (Workday CEO)


250 is the number of Apple Air Tags Genie gave away to registered attendees at the conference. It is reported that lost luggage claims were reduced by 62% for flights departing from Orlando Airport over the next few days. Actually, Genie just made that up but it seems reasonable doesn’t it?

Genie Booth and Give Aways at workday rising Orlando
Genie Giveaways (Apple AirTags) at Workday Rising Orlando 2022

200 is the number of attendees who joined us for a product demonstration where Genie got to strut her stuff. Brief demonstrations of the capabilities of the Genie solutions are one of the best ways to see how Genie may be able to help you manage your Workday tenant.

Genie was able to qualify for 100 plus follow-up appointments. It’s been weeks since Rising and Genie is still working with excited Workday customers who became initially interested at Workday Rising. Our marketing and sales people are soooooo excited about the response and the energy generated by all those kind folks!

Top Golf with Genie

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, Genie and 70 friends took some stretch Hummer limousines to Top Golf, played around on the driving range, and built personal connections with our old and new friends. A great time was had by all attendees and we can’t wait to see what the talented Genie team comes up with for the next Workday Rising in San Francisco in 2023!

Finally, the number 1 as in this is the first Workday Rising Genie has ever attended. Genie will also be at the European Workday Rising on November 15-17th in Stockholm, Sweden. That will be Genie’s first as well. Please stop by and see us at Workday Rising in Europe and please think about checking us out by scheduling a product demonstration. Genie is the ONE solution that makes the most sense for Workday's audit and testing automation needs.

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