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Why Should Your Organization Budget for Workday Automation Testing

Workday is the leader in cloud-based Human Capital Management and Financials Management solutions. Workday customers recognize that the considerable investment of time and money will give them a competitive edge in the market and realize a return on investment sooner. Like any worthwhile technology investment, Workday deserves maintenance from a trustworthy and defect-free solution—and automated testing is the one key area your organization should prioritize during budgeting.

RapidIT-CloudBera’s Genie is the best-in-class automation testing solution for your Workday Human Capital Management and/or Workday Financial Management investment. Our team of Workday experts and experienced consultants have helped many clients successfully automate the testing of these solutions. Investing in automation not only saves time and money but also frees up vital resources and delivers a defect-free product.

Five key reasons why you should include automation when planning your budget for the coming year:

  1. Runs On-Demand and Easy to Use With RapidIT-CloudBera’s Genie, organizations can schedule Workday testing on-demand to fit their needs with quick, accurate, and reliable results. Genie automation packages can combine various end-to-end testing scenarios that make testing a breeze.

  2. Frees Resources for Core Activities Manual testing requires multiple resources to perform laborious testing tasks within a designated timeframe. After results are reviewed for potential errors, they are then given to your project team and/or management to resolve or approve. Genie frees these resources so that they can focus on core business needs.

  3. Less Time Consuming than Regression Testing Regression testing is a time-consuming process. Your organization is dependent on resources to manually perform these intricate tasks, and their complexity is more prone to errors and defects than automation. Genie’s regression testing will effectively manage and accurately test all required functionality specific to your business needs.

  4. Increases Test Scope Manual testing can only cover a limited number of cases in any given scope and time. Genie comes pre-packaged with 1000s of test scenarios, 100K+ security validations, and can perform end-to-end testing more efficiently than manual testing, requiring no additional coding or maintenance. Repetitive tests can be run on the same functionality while using varying scenarios so that a wider scope of executions can be performed without additional scripting or maintenance.

  5. Improves Accuracy and Speed Automated testing is significantly faster, provides greater accuracy, and is more reliable than manual testing—regardless of the test quantity and/or application complexity. Therefore, Genie provides significant savings in that it uses fewer resources, delivers faster ROI, and justifies the line item it occupies in your budget.

Your Automated Testing Solution for Workday RapidIT-CloudBera’s Genie, the leading automation solution on the market, supports Workday customers by eliminating manual testing and freeing valuable resources. While the above five reasons are not an exhaustive list, budgeting automation for your organization will save time and money and improve accuracy and efficiency. Connect with our Workday professionals to learn more and leverage our expertise for all of your Workday testing needs!

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