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Workday 2022R2 Features with Genie

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Here’s a quick guide on some of the more important new features in Workday’s 2022 R2 release and how Genie can help your organization with your workday release testing and regression needs.

Workday release testing with Genie Workday Automations 2022R2
Workday 2022R2 Features with Genie

This blog will discuss some of the new feature enhancements that will make the greatest impact on Workday 2022R2. We will be highlighting how Genie can help your organization prepare for and carry out the necessary release/regression testing that every Workday customer should be prepared for.

Regression testing is recommended by Workday when a new release occurs. Workday recommends you run your mission-critical business processes and reports to ensure that changes Workday is populating do not interfere with your already created business process framework, condition rules, calculated fields, approval chain logic, and other business processes and reports fundamentals.

With Genie you can run multiple scenarios quickly and efficiently without having to proxy in as multiple different approvers, Genie will allow you to run dozens or hundreds of test scenarios in much less time than the manual process you were using before.

Testing Integrations is a vital part of the release -- Genie offers Integration Compare Utility which lets customers quickly compare Integration Output between Sandbox and Preview for any data variances.

Note that by using Genie, you will get automatic documentation of each test, step by step, the results, all recorded and even archived so no more manually typing into an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your testing.

So, are you ready to learn more about Workday 2022 R2 and how Genie can make this labor-intensive task easier and more accurate?

There are of course hundreds of new features being released across: HCM, Recruiting, Payroll, Time Tracking, Integration, Learning Cross Application Services, and Finance.

We have expanded Genie’s scope in Learning by offering more robust features for Courses as well as helping build your organization’s pandemic readiness. We have also improved Genie’s expense reporting and payroll functionalities while providing a facelift to the user interface for Recruiting purposes.

What exactly is Genie and what does it do, you might be wondering?

With Genie, our team has developed an automation solution that supports all your Workday testing requirements. It’s an easy-to-use automation framework in the cloud that supports pre-implementation, release testing and post-implementation validation.

We will take you through some of the important features in Workday 2022R2 and share how Genie can seamlessly help you regression test your current workday environment.


Cloud Connect for Learning includes Coursera, Track and Record Learner Progress, and more.

Workday has created multiple clouds connect integrations. Workday enables you to import Coursera content, as well as track its completion in near real-time. Workday enables you to import Plural-sight content, as well as track its completion in near real-time as well. Workday continues to enhance Cloud Connect for Learning by enabling you to track learner progress in external courses. When a learner consumes learning content on an external course, Workday now retrieves their progress and records it internally.

Genie will ensure that whatever Learning Cloud Connect processes you want to take advantage of can be thoroughly tested and documented.


Vaccination and Workplace Test Tracking.

With this feature, Workday will update vaccine tracking, adding functionality to your organization's pandemic preparedness and control plans. Genie’s process automation framework has the flexibility to test this vaccine tracking functionality and ensure your organization's readiness for the workforce and help your employees to return to work and/or travel.

Full-Time Equivalent on Position Restrictions.

This feature provides organizations with the ability to capture the different facets of position restrictions ensuring greater flexibility for HR personnel. Genie provides organizations with peace of mind by testing position restrictions functionality ensuring nothing is broken as a result of this new Workday change.

Expense Reporting for Candidates.

This feature allows customers to have candidates create expense reports within Workday avoiding manual workarounds and ad hoc payments. Genie will process the expense reports functionality so that there is no impact on existing expense processing in Workday.

External Career Site Search Experience and Job Details.

With this release Workday automatically delivers the new user interface on all external career sites for every customer. Genie ensures that the new user interface changes do not impact the overall user experience on external career sites by simulating the candidate job application process.


On-Demand Additional Payments on Prior Periods.

Workday enables customers to manage statutory calculations and DSN reporting for on-demand payments for prior pay periods. Genie ensures that the on-demand additional payment process for prior periods is calculated correctly by running payroll within Workday.

Combine Pay slips.

This feature allows customers to combine pay slips for workers with multiple jobs within one or multiple organizations. Genie will run the payrolls to ensure workers with multiple jobs have their pay slips correctly validated.

Retro Differences from Current Tax Authority Change.

This feature allows customers to process pay differences for retro events from different tax authorities. Genie will process payroll and validate that the retro events are calculated correctly for each taxing authority.


Absence Time Off Thresholds.

This feature provides managers and administrators the ability to set and track the minimum threshold for the total number of workers who can take time off as well as the total number of available hours. Genie validates that the employees can take time off based on configured limits set on the time-off plans.

Segmented Security for Time Off.

This feature lets customers configure segmented security to control who can request or correct time-off types. This change helps reduce the need for warnings, and errors and helps texts on business processes. Genie validates the appropriate security personnel to have access to request or correct time off types based on the segmented security configured in the tenant.

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