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Workday Data Validation and Security with Genie

How Genie does it better?

Data validation and security are two of the top concerns of Workday users. The quality and accuracy of the data that’s generated by Workday can make the difference between processes running smoothly and reports providing accurate information and insights vs errors that can result in unusable data and disruptions in the processes essential to running your business.

Genie’s approach ensures that all the data Workday generates is both accurate and secure. During the data creation phase, Genie uses templates that can be customized for each Workday process and can automatically process workflows to create both organization level and employee level data as needed so you can fully test a single process or group of processes. All the user has to do is click the auto test data creation flag within Genie.

As you move into the data validation phase, Genie performs automated integrations testing, payroll compare, and reports testing for both delivered and custom reports. It also has the capability to run integrations to validate data that’s been sent to third party vendors.

Data Security Tools Provide Peace of Mind

Ensuring that your data is secure within the Genie platform is our top priority.

To protect client data, Genie leverages organic test data created by our platform for testing your Workday configuration. Genie includes more than 100,000 built-in security validations. To further safeguard client data, Genie stores all the test data in private S3 buckets, which are 256-bit encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Genie also includes an integrated data scrambler that delivers a set of SPI/PII fields that can be scrambled, a feature no other Workday automation and testing solution offers. Additional fields also can be scrambled at the client’s request. Because the scrambling feature is integrated within Genie, you can first scramble your data, then perform test automation, increasing the security of your data.

One tool for all your Workday automation needs

Genie’s automation testing saves your organization time and money by eliminating manual testing and freeing valuable resources. The framework is highly extensible and can meet any automation needs related to cloud-based deployments.

As the only end-to-end testing solution in the market, Genie includes all the tools and processes you need for accurate, efficient, secure Workday automation, including tenant and payroll compare, scenario testing with the ability to validate test cases, process automation and testing, and data scrambling.

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