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Workday Release Testing with Genie

Updated: Apr 11

Workday Releases occur twice a year. These are very large releases with several enhancements, fixes, and new functionality that we have already described in some detail in . Most Workday customers will involve anywhere from a handful of people to scores of people in the review of the available items and then configuring and testing them. Many of these new items will be delivered with no set-up required, some will require minor changes to the configuration but one thing that all of them will require is TESTING.

Genie Workday Automation - Release Testing 2023R1
Workday Release Testing with Genie

The biggest issue with testing is the time it requires to thoroughly test all scenarios in all countries for all of the changes. It is incredibly burdensome from a time commitment. You will of course need to thoroughly document test results and maybe even create tickets in your ticketing system for changes to sox compliant critical business processes.

So, you must commit to hundreds of man (and woman) hours, maybe utilizing all of the staff to test Workday releases OR you can allow Genie to do it all for you!

The best part of testing the Workday release is that you don’t have to do it, Genie will test the Workday release for you! Genie can run tests using synthetic data or your own data as you prefer. All of the testing scripts are created by the Genie team of Workday testing experts. You can then review the results and the scenarios tested. You can opt to test some business processes or reports on your own as well-maybe the most mission-critical ones. It sure is nice to have the option to not commit to all those testing hours with everything else that is on your plate for Workday support and configuration

Genie will compare business processes, security groups, integrations, and reports calling out differences for further analysis. Reports for instance should produce the same output from Sandbox Preview as they do from Production minus any minor timing changes such as maybe two more employees in production than in Sandbox. Integrations should produce the same output and any deltas will be identified by the Genie team or by you using Genie!

Let Genie take the pressure off during Workday releases by conducting all or maybe just most of the testing FOR YOU! Genie will present the results of the testing for you so you can satisfy any auditing or documentation requirements. The time saved by letting Genie test for you or using Genie to conduct the testing yourself can be spent doing something more rewarding for the business!

Visit us at and sign up for a personalized demonstration of Genie’s Testing Automation Tool. Genie is looking forward to saving you time and effort for any and all Workday testing needs, particularly the semi-annual Workday releases. Please reach out to us, at

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