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"During the latest Workday release, Genie helped our teams to focus on the test results rather than just building the test cases and running them manually. While testing the latest Workday release, our testers were able to save up to 15 hours individually thanks to Genie!" 

Josh Campbell

Senior HRIS Manager

Varex Imaging 


Varex Imaging Corporation is a leading innovator, developer, and manufacturer of X-ray imaging component solutions. From medical imaging, to cargo screening and border security, our components are used by X-ray imaging system manufacturers around the globe to detect, diagnose, and protect in countless medical, industrial, and security imaging applications:

  • 90 years in business

  • Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT

  • 50 locations in 21 countries


Realizing that automation could help with allocating time and resources more efficiently, Varex Imaging chose RapidIT-Cloudbera’s Genie™ to automate both their regression and release testing. Genie was configured with 1,000+ baseline scenarios and 10k+ security validations. More than 30 packages were created to handle different end-to-end scenarios that were then scheduled to run/be reviewed on a weekly basis. Weekly team meetings were conducted during the release cycles to review/ sign-off on testing prior to production. 


Varex Imaging went live with Workday Human Capital Management and all core modules(with the exception of Payroll) were implemented. With operations spanning 21 countries, any changes to business processes require coordinated testing across all units and geographies. Both regression and release testing need multiple team members to be involved from different time zones to test and report for both approval and discrepancies. During release testing, their team was spending more time on manual testing and less time reviewing new features, training, and change management. 


 RapidIT-CloudBera’s Genie reduced Varex Imaging’s testing efforts by 80%. 

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