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In this blog, we will be highlighting the most important features of this upcoming release that we think will make an impact in 2021R2 on how Genie can help your organizational efficiency, curating accurate solutions for your business needs. We will be showcasing Genie’s rapidly evolving capabilities in assisting your organization with the upcoming release testing.

Genie Interface

Genie Dashboard

Human Capital Management(HCM)


Phone Number

Who likes outdated Phone Numbers? Not your organization! With this feature, phone number functionality is enhanced with updated Workday phone validations, simpler number entry and improved usability by keeping phone data up to date. Genie ensures the phone number validations work as designed during the Pre-hire creation and Contact Change Process

Interview Reminders

Interview reminders are useful in configuring and scheduling emails or notification reminders for candidates who have upcoming interviews. How does Genie validate this feature? Simple! It registers the candidate into the interview stage – then ensures that the reminders are generated as you approach the due date.

Note: This feature is not currently available for Amazon Web Services environments unless your tenant is hosted by the Asia Pacific Region Data Center.


Skills Verification

Thanks to this feature, you can now configure feedback templates which enable feedback providers to rate and endorse skills for workers. You can use these ratings and endorsements as skill resources to easily verify skills and promote worker recognition in  your organization. Our friendly Genie validates the creation of new skills and lets your employees attach them to worker recognition.

Note: You must enable Skills Cloud and Suggested Skills to use this functionality.


External Career Site Search Experience and Job Details


Workday delivers a New 'Search For Jobs' page for improved user experience with this release. This new search page includes a split view which allows applicants who click on jobs to view the job details without leaving the search results page. Now, you can configure text, video, and image content to display alongside job details to provide applicants with additional information about your organization and details specific to job posting templates.


Genie makes sure that there is no hindrance to the existing Search for Jobs functionality along with applying to jobs both (Internal & External) and validating the job posting template.

External Career Site Search Experience and Job Details


With this release, we deliver a new Search For Jobs page that you can opt in to for an improved user experience that’s easier to navigate for applicants who search for and view jobs on your external career sites. The new search experience includes a split view so applicants who click jobs can view job details without leaving the search results page. You can also now configure text, video, and image content to display alongside job details to provide applicants with additional information about your organization and details specific to job posting templates.


Marker for Hire Data Sent to Third-Party Payroll

With this release, you can configure the Payroll Effective Change Interface template and the Hire business process, so Workday sends all relevant information to third-party payroll after the new hire completes all of the required onboarding fields. This helps in preventing errors caused by missing information and reduces manual effort.

Genie ensures that the existing on demand payment functionality works accurately.

Pay On-Demand

We enable you to create custom reports for state and local tax data, simplifying how you view the data by company for payroll tax processing.


Genie will validate the custom reports based on state and local tax data and make sure that you have accurate and up to date information while you are viewing your company’s payroll tax data.

Time Tracking

With this release, Genie will enable managers and administrators to easily specify and track the minimum threshold for the total number of workers who can take time off, as well as the total number of time-off hours available to workers. You can configure minimum thresholds for a given day, giving you more control over when workers can take time off.


Put Unapplied Payments Back On Account



This feature enables customers to put the full amount of an unapplied payment back on account even if it has been already applied. This leads to a much-improved reporting experience and shorter turnaround times for resolving refunds.


Budget Date on Spend Authorization Lines


Workday2021R2 lets you select a budget date on spend authorization lines, providing you with the flexibility to determine which budget period the spend applies to. This feature improves budgetary balance reporting.



Outbound Remittance for Visa Scrubbed Integrations



You can now send remittance files with alternate account identifiers instead of full credit card numbers to financial institutions. This feature helps customers make more secure payments.

Thank you for reading our blog, our team at RIC-Genie is very excited for the unveiling of these much-awaited, robust new Workday features which will enable Genie to fully utilize its potential as an automated framework seamlessly integrating with your organization’s business processes

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