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If you want to sit back and enjoy the Oscars this year (March 12, 2023) with your favorite glass of wine, you must let our automation solution - Genie do the heavy lifting for you this Workday release. We bring to you the nominees (important features) that we think will make an impact in 2023 R1 and how Genie can assist your organization with the upcoming release/regression testing.

Regression testing is recommended by Workday when a new release occurs. Workday recommends you run your mission-critical business processes and reports to ensure that changes Workday is populating do not interfere with your already created business process framework, condition rules, calculated fields, approval chain logic, and other business process, integrations, and report fundamentals.

With Genie you can run multiple scenarios quickly and efficiently in much less time than the manual process you were using before. Also, by using Genie you will get an automatic documentation of each test, the results, all recorded and even archived so no more manually typing into an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your testing.

With that being said, let’s look at how Genie can seamlessly help you regression test your current Workday environment for 2023 R1.

Human Capital Management(HCM)


Align Country Names to ISO Standards

In 2023 R1, the country name of Palestine will be updated to adhere to the ISO guidelines. This enables you to maintain accurate and standards-based country data. If you use the Maintain Workday Delivered country names, Genie can help you ensure that your integrations and downstream processes are not impacted by this update.

Launch Change Job from Worker Profile

An excellent user experience with this feature to launch Change Job Templates directly from a worker profile. This will increase efficiency as finding and completing the change job actions related to a worker would be much easier. Genie can ensure that you are able to launch change job either way and test the process.


Change Job Templates for Review and Approval Steps

Who does not like it when data entry in a Business Process is less or when fields are auto populated/defaulted by Workday. This feature enables you to apply Change Job Templates to the review and approval steps of the Change Job business process. Genie will not only ensure that the review and approval steps in Change Job work as configured but also provide a consistent experience for reviewers and approvers, reduces unnecessary data entry, and streamlines the Change Job experience.


Configurable Addresses by Country

The ability to mandate that Land is filled out in Germany for example but Province is called for in Canada is an important enhanced functionality for ensuring data accuracy for workers. This will reduce potential downstream data inaccuracies and ensure data integrity for contact and address information. Genie will enforce that the mandatory fields are required to be populated as part of configuring addresses by Country, in addition, runs the impacted Integrations to ensure there are no anomalies on the output.


Personal Information by Country

This was an opt-in feature in 2022 R1, but in 2023 R1 this is being made mandatory. This feature enables you to collect country specific personal information for employees working in countries that differ from the country of their primary work location. Thus, you can collect only address data that’s relevant to your organization which reduces risk of integration errors and improves your user experience. Genie can help you test your key Integrations and Reports and ensure that employees won’t be able to edit personal information for a country where they don’t hold any active positions. 



Create Job Requisitions for Multiple Existing Positions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could assign multiple existing positions to a Job Requisition. It is a basic need. Well, it is now possible with this feature. It will not only increase efficiency by saving time but also reduce manual effort. And with Genie’s automation, the efficiency is doubled, and manual effort is next to negligible.


Add Documents to Offers and Employment Agreements

The ability to add documents to the offer or the employment agreement process on an ad hoc basis is something recruiters have been asking for a long time. Use Genie to test that the right number of documents are being added and are available to the candidate. You can also manage who can view the attachments with attachment categories.


Retroactive Payroll and Bonus Tax Calculation

CRA requires the bonus method of taxation on retroactive pay increases which means the retro amount must be paid in a unique earning code, not included in "Regular". With this feature Workday aims to comply with CRA guidelines for retro amounts. Genie can help you validate that the retroactive pay increase calculations are accurate and have a unique earning code associated with it.


Records of Employment (ROEs) for Workers with Multiple Jobs


With this enhancement, Workday will be your single source of record for ROE. With 2023 R1, Workday will support Records of Employment (ROE) for workers in Canada with multiple jobs. Single or multiple ROEs for a worker will be created depending on the worker's circumstances (worker’s company and pay period schedule) and Service Canada requirements. With Genie’s adaptability to change, it can help you test processing ROEs for workers with multiple positions.


Pay On-Demand


With 2023 R1, Workday supports Pay On-Demand in Canada. This means, Canadian workers can request and obtain a portion of their net pay prior to traditional payment dates. Genie can validate the pay-on-demand process to work seamlessly for both US and Canadian employees.


Aggregate Federal Standard Withholding Wages


This opt-in feature enables you to aggregate federal standard withholding wages across multiple pay results within the same pay period, helping you to withhold workers’ federal taxes more accurately. Genie can help you validate standard as well as custom reports based on federal data and ensure that you have accurate information while you are viewing your company’s payroll tax data.



Edit and Approve Time

This feature has been an ask for some time and Workday is finally ready. You can now adjust a worker's time directly i.e., managers and timekeepers will now be able to review, enter, correct, and approve time for their workers all in one screen. Genie can ensure there is no adverse impact on a time entry, time correction, and time approval process with this new enhancement available to customers.


Translation Adjustments for Financial Accounting


This feature enables customers to import and create translation adjustment journal lines using any combination of worktag types. Genies Process automation creates a translation adjustment journal with the combination of worktag types and validates results as per mappings in configuration to ensure this feature does not break existing functionality.


Copy Cash Sales


Workday's new feature to copy cash sales helps customers copy an existing cash sale to quickly create a new cash sale. Genie will ensure customers in validating the feature and create repetitive cash sales using existing cash sales.


Apply Multiple Adjustments to a Single Invoice


Workday now enables customers to apply multiple adjustments to a single customer invoice in bulk, enabling them to apply large numbers of invoice adjustments efficiently. Genie ensures the new functionality yields the desired results by specifying more than one adjustment for an invoice. And select adjustments to apply against invoices and validates if an adjustment is already related to an invoice, Workday should automatically select it.


Business Process for Ad Hoc Project Transactions


This new feature by workday streamlines the creation of ad hoc project transactions by delivering a new business process. Genie’s Business Process testing ensures the customer can review, revise, and validate rules and conditions for new ad hoc project transactions, improving the accuracy of your projects and reducing rework.


Credit Adjustments for Customer Invoice Amounts


This feature now automatically creates a credit adjustment from the customer contract when the associated customer invoice results in a negative amount due. Genie creates customer contracts associated with a negative amount of customer invoices and validates automatically generated credit adjustments by workday to eliminate the need to manually process installments and offset transactions that result in net negative invoices.




Change Supplier Connection on Issued Purchase Order


This feature enables customer to select a different order-from connection without closing the purchase order and re-issuing it to the correct supplier division. Genie will ensure new order-from connection field populates right data when supplier division is incorrect on Create Change Order, Edit Change Order, Revise Change Order giving customer peace of mind that current functionality is not broken with the new field being automatically available.



Spend Authorization Routing for Workers with Multiple Positions

This new opt-in feature enables to associate spend authorizations with specific positions when workers hold multiple positions. Genie will ensure all approvals are routed to the right security group and data flow occurs from spend authorization to check to spend control.


This new feature enhances the calculation for expenses by enabling customers to enter round trips on single line of expense reports and spend authorizations. Genie will process expense reports and spend authorizations to validate this new enhancement.


Create and Edit Purchase Item Business Process


With this release, Workday delivers a new business process that enables customer to configure workflows and approvals for creating or editing a purchase item. Genie’s Process automation framework will ensure all security setup on the purchase item has been automatically updated, approvals are accurately triggered, and reports are validated after create/edit purchase item task is completed.

Create Supplier Contract from Requisitions

This feature enables customers to source requisition directly into a supplier contract. Genie ensures source-to Contract flow is tested by creating supplier contract providing greater visibility into the origin of a contract, approval process, and fund eligibility that delivers greater transparency and traceability in the contract process.

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